NTC Green

Dear parents,


NTC Green is the application you will love the most!



Based on science and years
of professional experience and research

Control your child’s activities

With this amazing product, you are able to control your child’s activities, movements, apps usage, phone usage. You can limit your child with the exact amount of minutes to use phone on a daily basis. You can also motivate your child to play sports with additional minutes to use the phone.


Easy to install and use

One of the advantages od NTC Green is simplicity to install it and use it. All you need to do is to install application on your and your child’s devices. We have created user friendly interface for you, with all explanations needed.

Scientific findings

In this project we used our findings about children’s behaviors gained through all past years in this field and using psychological conclusions. Mixed with knowledge of IT professionals, mathematical formulas, we found a way to prevent manipulation of your children, and to calculate their movements, limit phone usages, etc.

Affordable for everyone

We made a very simple system of payment that is also affordable for everyone in all countries around the world.


Amazing features for you and your family

Specify periods of the day your child will be able to use the phone

Give your child specific hours in a day when he will be able to use his phone (ex. 9AM – 1PM and 6PM – 9PM). In these ranges of time, your child can use minutes he got for the phone.

Award your child with “additional minutes” when he plays sport

Besides the default daily limits, you can award your child with additional minutes, because NTC Green will tell you what distance your child conquered by walking and running.

Monitor contacts, messages and calls on your child’s phone

One of advanced options for parents is to be able to see child’s contacts, messages and calls, in the same way that child sees these options on his phone.

Locate you child

At every moment you can have a look of your child’s location and his movements on every 50-100 meters.

Limit amount of “minutes on phone” for every day itself

Set daily limits for your child. You can “give” your child 45-60 minutes per day, but our suggestion is 30 minutes on working days and 40 minutes on weekends. Your child will not be able to use the phone when he spends the amount of time given by his parents.

Prevent your child’s manipulation

We implemented an algorithm which will prevent your child to manipulate and “cheat” the application. With our formula, by calculating your child’s height and weight, you will be notified if your child try to deceive you.  

Controlling child’s
apps has never been easier

Easily control apps, that your child is using.

One of the the features of our product is controlling usage of applications on your child’s phone. You can monitor time your child spends on every application that is installed on his phone. Locking some of them is available as well.

As long as some applications are disabled form parent’s side, the child will not be able to use it.